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Brookhaven Locksmith Pros: When to Replace Locks

No matter how much money you paid for those locks that you have at home, they will not last forever. Did you know that? Sure, you can have them for many years. But, it doesn’t mean that they will always be effective at protecting you. Many people don’t really consider this fact. But, it is important that you are aware of it so that you know when to swap out your old locks!

At some point in time, your locks will become worn and need to be replaced. Brookhaven Locksmith Pros in Brookhaven, GA will be there to help you when that time comes. If you live in or close to the Brookhaven area, call us when you need a locksmith.

Is It Time for New Locks?

This is a very interesting question. Why? Many people think that when a locksmith recommends new locks, they are just trying to make an extra buck or two. Perhaps this is so with some locksmiths. But, that is why you need to make sure that you select a locksmith that has your best interest at heart (go with one that is licensed, to start).

However, the truth is that locksmiths are trained to tell when locks are functioning well and when they are not. There are some things that you may miss that the locksmith will see. Once you trust your locksmith, make sure you follow the advice you are given. It may end up saving you a lot of hassle in the long run.

So, now you know that locks are not immortal. How can you tell when it’s time to have them replaced? Well, you could call a locksmith to inspect your locks periodically. But, there are several signs that you can look out for.

  • Rust

    If you don’t notice anything else about your lock, this should be something that is very noticeable. You may notice that you have quite a bit of rust on your locks but you ignore it because you just think the lock is being exposed to the elements and rust forms. You are certainly right. However, rust can compromise the effectiveness of the lock. It may make it easier for burglars to cut through that lock or damage it in other ways. If you notice rust on your locks, try to change them as soon as possible.

  • Difficult to insert or remove the key

    This is a sure sign that it is time for new locks. You shouldn’t have to struggle with your locks to get them opened or to close them. Come on now! Were they always like that? If your answer is yes, then you have been using a faulty lock all along. It shouldn’t take much effort for to open or close any lock. If you are having problems with the lock, get rid of it!

  • Stuck key

    Has your key ever been stuck in the lock? Why do you still have that lock around? Aren’t you scared that you will get locked out or locked in because of it? A stuck key is no joke. It may even cost you some money if you are unable to get it out on your own. Once your key gets stuck in the lock, it’s time for that lock to go.

  • New home

    Whenever you purchase a house, it is recommended that you change the locks on all the points of entrance and exit. Some people may not do this if it is a new build, but it is very important to get those locks changed if there were persons living in the house before you. There is no way to tell who has keys to the locks that you inherited on the house.

  • End of a relationship

    Unfortunately, not all relationships will last forever. At some point, you may have to terminate your relationship with some people. If they had a key to your home and they did not return it, make sure that you change your locks. Not everyone is vindictive or spiteful. However, sometimes you just never know. The best thing to do is be cautious and prepared. If your locks are changed, that person will not be able to enter your property so make sure you consider changing the locks.

  • Do you feel safe with your locks?

    Although there are so many signs indicating that there may be a problem with your locks, there are other times when you may need to replace your locks even if they show no sign of wear and tear. One of the best feelings that you can have is feeling safe and secure wherever you are. Instead of looking over your shoulder or reacting to every little sound you hear, you can relax and feel comfortable. If you do not feel this way because you think your locks are inadequate, the best thing to do is replace those locks. It makes no sense to continually feel insecure when you can do something about it.

  • You experienced a break-in

    We hope you never have to experience a burglary, but if you do, it is a sure sign that you need to do something about your locks. Although replacing your locks may not prevent burglars from getting in your home or business, there are some locks that are more secure than others. Plus, while trying to get onto your property, your locks may have been compromised. It’s better to be sure than sorry, right? Get those locks replaced and install new ones that will offer more security for you and your property.

How to Replace a Lock

Replacing locks is easy, right? So you may think. All locks are not made equal. So, some are much easier to install and replace when compared to others. While some people may decide to install or change locks on their own, the best thing to do is call the professionals. Not only will you get a clean and neat install, but they have done it so many times that they are more likely to get it right than you.

When you are ready to install, change or replace those locks, call your local locksmith for help. If you are in Georgia, Brookhaven Locksmith Pros in Brookhaven, GA is ready and willing to assist you. Just give us a call.